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Posted in Uncategorized on 3 Jul 09 by Diego Azeta

Welcome to Decision Modeling Blog
ompanion Weblog to the Decision Modeling Website

The original Decision Modeling site ran at MSN Groups from 20 Aug 2001 till 23 Feb 2009, when MSN closed the service. At MSN, the site combined thematic content with multiple message boards, which allowed for open communications among site members. The old site proved to be quite popular with members and visitors from all over the world. It quickly rose to the number one position in rank on the search engine listings at Google, Yahoo and MSN (the forerunner to the current Bing). Thanks to all members and visitors who made it possible for Decision Modeling to be Número Uno!

The new Decision Modeling opened at Google Sites on 4 Feb 2009 and is still in the process of conversion. The entire site is being rewritten, and there are megabytes of stuff to plow through. Your patience is much appreciated. However, Google sites do not support message boards, so this blog will serve as a stopgap of sorts. Please feel free to post messages about the Website or about decision making in general, and do join in on the discussion threads.

Since we were having problems with spammers at MSN, postings must now be approved before publication. However, please be assured that your postings will not be edited or revised in any way. It’s simply a screen to filter out spam.

Hope you enjoy the new Decision Modeling site and blog.